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Do You Ask Where Your Food Comes From?

Apr 4, 2022

By now you’ve heard me talk about my mission to change the world by using food as medicine. In the last email, I referenced The Ultimate Gut Health Shopping Guide by MindBodyGreen, and discussed how food can impact the wellness of your gut and your immune system. It can even change your genetic expressions and that’s game-changing information, for sure.

But we should understand a little more about our food.

Where does it even come from? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Of course, I mean beyond the grocery store.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the exploration of food—from the textures, to the smells, to the way it feels to create a meal.

But I am also an advocate for organic, whole, and natural foods when I can be. I am an excavator in that regard; I have visited farms where I get fresh produce and meats, and even the factories that make the daily DNA activators, that I take. I have a real drive to see where what I am putting into my body, and the bodies of my family members, originates.

I believe how your food was cared for, the quality of the soil it was grown in—all of it makes a difference and has an impact on you as the consumer.

According to Davey McHenry, vice-president of Consulting Services at The Hartman Group, during the Hartman Group’s Food Culture Forecast 2018 summit earlier this year, “Nine in 10 consumers globally rate ingredient transparency as important or very important for companies to address.”

I know we are all busy with life but taking time out to investigate the foods you put into your body can give back to your life 10-fold.

Maybe you can’t trace your groceries back beyond the store where you bought them.

Maybe your food excavation is just about understanding what the listed ingredients on the backs of your products actually are. Do some Google searches to find out what else you are eating? It’s more there than what you think.

Others of you might consider experimenting and visiting a local farm to purchase fresh, whole foods. While there, inquire about their practices and their beliefs around food stewardship—you will learn a lot.

As I’ve said before, food is medicine. If it’s within your power, try to make sure you are ingesting the highest quality of that energy possible. Taking a little more responsibility for your food will create a wiser, healthier you.